Packaging Workshop Agenda

Day 1, 21 May 2019 | 11am-5pm

About the training
This training serves to create a high level overview of the global packaging industry, as well as the current regulatory pressure points within the packaging industry, whilst showcasing how a Lean Six Sigma approach ensures effective packaging manufacturing techniques.

Objective/ Training outcome for the audience

  • Latest estimates on global packaging statistics
  • An awareness of packaging regulatory requirements and drug safety
  • How Lean Six Sigma will change manufacturing philosophies


Introduction to packaging
  • Globalisation and Supply Chain Expectations on Packaging
  • Packaging Functions and Requirements/ Principles of Packaging
  • Global Packaging Trends and Statistics

Global Statistical Estimates by PIRA Smithers

Packaging Practices / Packaging Regulatory update: US and EU market / Food Safety Legal Requirements
  • Audio / video / Discussion on Legislative requirements
  • Tamper-evident Packaging / Packaging Design
Design for Environmental Sustainability

Understanding Quality and Introducing Lean Six Sigma

Group Discussion on Case Studies / Videos

  • The session will be extremely vibrant and interactive with audience with several training videos to reinforce concepts.


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